I with my husband have been studying English for 2 years in this school. English becomes part of our lives. We can discuss some news, joke and have conversations in English. We noticed progress very quickly. It encouraged us to learn more and more. We started watch English TV channels, films, read books. Our teacher Margarita is main cause of our success. We so glad that we met her and have opportunity to study in her class. Every lesson is different from previous, unexpected sometimes, dynamic, always interesting, amusing and entertaining. We have many various activities in class : listen songs, dialogs, watch videos, play games, discuss, do puzzles, talk, read, translate, try to guess some rules or meaning of words and have a lot of fun. I have so much positive emotion after each lesson. It looks like talkative club, where everyone can spend time with pleasure and benefit. Our lessons have only one disadvantage: time goes very quickly))). For me it is not only study, it becomes my hobby. I think everyone can have success in any business if he or she really likes it. If you find perfect tutor it is great piece of luck for you. My skills are improving every day. I have already learned not only speak and read, I can understand and think in English. I am not going to stop. Thanks so much for my advance.